Core technology

new product

1 Digital glue

2 digital processing fluid

3 suitable for the special pulp with high fastness of silicone cloth

New materials

1. Special materials with super reducing color;

2. Special polymer binder with strong adhesion to special substrate;

New technology

In the new factory, materials are transported automatically and accurately, and two-step highly efficient dispersion and multi-stage fine filtration process are adopted, which not only shortens the batch production time, but also improves the product quality stably

R & D strength

It cooperates with many famous universities and brand enterprises in China and has a research and development team composed of University Chemical professors, fine chemical industry experts and industry engineers with many years of experience;

The company has a high-tech Innovation Laboratory of more than 1000 square meters, equipped with a number of high-tech testing instruments and equipment;

From small test to pilot test, pilot test to the application of the whole process of production technology research and development;

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