Talent recruitment

1、 Recruitment position: personnel administration director work address: Zhongshan
1. Responsible for recruitment, reemployment, organization and implementation of the company's internal staff deployment;
2. Formulate the company's human resource development plan to ensure the talent echelon development and talent reserve and training;
3. Establish personnel system management system of the company to avoid all personnel risks;
4. Do a good job in employee relationship communication, management, visit and a series of other work, so as to understand the ideological trends of employees at any time;
5. Implement, implement and supervise the implementation of the company's rules and regulations, quality policies and objectives;
6. To be responsible for the signing, renewal or termination of labor contracts, as well as the handling of appointment, removal, deployment, resignation, termination and other procedures;
7. Organize to make all kinds of plans for human resource development of the company, and supervise the implementation of all plans;
8. It is important to have the ability of project writing first;
9. Have productive thinking on work and partner consciousness of growing and improving together with the company.
1. College degree or above in human resources and administration, age 25-35, female preferred;
2. At least 3 years experience in human resource management and administration;
3. Participated in the training of human resource management, labor laws and regulations, etc;
4. Professional knowledge of human resource management, familiar with human resource management process and relevant laws and regulations;
5. Have the spirit of innovation and learning ability, can constantly improve their own ability and level, pay attention to the latest theories and methods of human resource management;
6. Work conscientiously and responsibly with high enthusiasm.

2、 Marketing Director Work address: Zhongshan
1. The establishment of marketing strategy and sales target;
2. Be responsible for the decomposition of sales objectives and take full responsibility for the business performance of the marketing department;
3. Responsible for market research and response plan;
4. Do a good job in sales process control, order delivery coordination, customer after-sales service, etc;
5. Establish a marketing team and take full charge of the marketing department of the company.
1. Professional education background: college degree or above, major in marketing is preferred;
2. Working experience: more than three years in the same position, more than two years in marketing management of the industry or similar industry;
3. Have long-term vision and pioneering spirit, meet or exceed customer requirements, and constantly develop new customers;
4. Good interpersonal skills, good at public relations organization, communication and negotiation; emergency handling ability;
5. Optimistic and cheerful, mature and steady, work conscientiously and responsibly, good moral character, skilled computer operation.

3、 Sales representative work address: all over the country
1. Develop new customers;
2. Sell the company's existing products;
3. Collect market information and feed it back to the company for R & D cooperation.
1. Have a certain understanding of the glue, clothing printing industry;
2. Have some sales experience;
3. There are certain customer resources.

4、 Regional representative Work address: all over the country
1. Responsible for the sales of products in the area under its jurisdiction;
2. Responsible for the planning and implementation of sales activities in the sales area, and achieve sales targets;
3. Open up new markets, develop new customers, increase the scope of product sales;
4. Maintain and enhance existing customer relationship;
5. Collect market and industry information and deepen understanding;
6. Complete other tasks assigned by the superior.
1. At least 2 years sales experience, familiar with the glue industry or textile and garment printing industry;
2. Have strong customer communication ability and high business processing ability, have youth vitality, have good team spirit;
3. Have correct right and wrong views and values, understand obedience and be grateful.

5、 Customer service Work address: Zhongshan
1. Be responsible for the maintenance of existing customer relationship (visit, thank you, customer complaint handling, etc.) to improve customer satisfaction;
2. Assist the salesman to tackle the key problems of the target customers in the industry market, or develop the market by himself;
3. Responsible for communication with customers, timely reply to customer consultation and product introduction;
4. Visit new and old customers regularly, understand customer demand information and maintain good interaction;
5. Collect, analyze, sort out and file customer needs, and deal with customer complaints;
6. Complete other related work assigned by the superior.
Job requirements
1. Age requirements: 25-35 years old;
2. Language requirements: unlimited;
3. College degree or above, good language skills, good image and temperament;
4. Familiar with customer service, complaint handling, user experience and other professional knowledge, with experience in garment printing merchandiser and Printing Supervisor preferred;
5. Excellent communication and public relations skills, be able to face different customers, formulate business negotiation plans, and effectively guide customers.

6、 R & D chief engineer  Work address: Lianzhou, Qingyuan, Guangdong
1. According to the sales and market demand, determine the company's product R & D direction and support the company's operation strategy;
2. Develop strategic objectives and development plans for product development, supervise the implementation and implementation of development plans, formulate rules and methods for project management, formulate R & D specifications and processes, and monitor development processes;
3. Guide the R & D work of new products, make decisions and guidance on key issues in the R & D process of new products, ensure the smooth implementation of the project, and regularly organize and arrange assessment meetings of relevant projects;
4. Organize the appraisal and review of R & D results, analyze and summarize the experience and lessons of R & D process, and realize the continuous improvement and quality improvement of product R & D;
5. Collect the bad information of old products, make improvement plans and measures, and verify the improvement;
6. Provide on-site technical services, deal with technical abnormalities in the production process, supervise and inspect the on-site implementation of the process, and provide technical guidance to the operators;
7. The main technical projects and technical documents of the company shall be reviewed and signed by the chief engineer before coming into force, and shall have the right to decide the technical work disputes of the subordinates.
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in culture and chemistry, age 30-55;
2. At least 5 years experience in chemical waterborne coatings, especially in garment printing paste industry, able to independently research and guide the development of new products;
3. With projects and innovative products, cooperation is preferred.

7、 Technician, engineer Work address: Lianzhou, Qingyuan, Guangdong
1. Responsible for the company's new product R & D plan;
2. Responsible for the preparation of new product related technology, process documents and inspection standards;
3. Responsible for technical process training and technical guidance for production line;
4. Responsible for technical publicity of new products, on-site technical guidance, etc.
1. College degree or above; major in chemistry; age 25-40;
2. At least 2 years experience in chemical waterborne coatings, especially in garment printing paste industry;
3. With projects and innovative products, cooperation is preferred.

8、 Finished product warehouse management Work address: Lianzhou, Qingyuan, Guangdong
1. Be responsible for the management of the company's warehouse, keep the warehouse materials in order, and improve the efficiency of the warehouse
2. Under the guidance of the company's warehouse management system and process, do a good job in daily warehousing procedures and spot inspection;
3. In case of non-conforming products, they shall be returned to the warehouse in time, and relevant warehousing and outbound documents and vouchers shall be sorted out, transferred and kept in time, and detailed accounts shall be registered, so as to achieve first in, first out and consistent accounts and materials;
4. Be responsible for the safety inspection of warehouse goods and fire fighting
5、 Responsible for the daily inventory check, check the actual goods in the warehouse once a month, actively cooperate with the financial inventory check at the end of the month, and submit the warehouse management opinions
6. Be responsible for timely delivery every day, check the information on the delivery order and express delivery list; prepare goods in advance and inform the quality control department to check the quality; check the variety and quantity according to the delivery list, pack them quickly and carefully; ensure the zero return rate of delivery, and reinforce the packaging of the consigned materials.
1. High school degree or above, more than two years working experience in warehouse management
2. Familiar with the operation process of warehouse in and out, with the professional knowledge and skills of material storage
3. Familiar with computer office software operation and ERP system;
4. Forklift license is preferred
5. Active and hard-working, strong sense of responsibility, strong team spirit.

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