CG-B003 Soft paste

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Product name CG-B003 Soft paste
Component Unique synthetic acrylic and functional monomer copolymers
Appearance Milky white liquid
Scope of use It is suitable for printing on many kinds of textiles, such as cotton, hemp, chemical fiber, and mixed textiles, etc
Product advantage 1.Super soft feel;
2.The washing water has good fastness and does not fade for 3 times in 3 hours at 60 ℃;
3.Good operability, good compatibility with a variety of paint pastes;
4.Full luster, good permeability, high color yield, bright color, easy color matching。
Technological process Printing - overheating
Storage method It can be stored for 6 months at - 5 ℃ - 40 ℃ in unopened package
Quality guarantee period Plastic plastic barrel, 50kg / barrel, 125kg / barrel
Matters needing attention 1.The size with crosslinking agent and fixing agent shall be used up within 4 hours;
2.The product is only used for industry, do not eat and eye。

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