CG-05D Base transparent paste

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Product name CG-05D Base transparent paste
Component This product is a high content transparent paste made of silicone modified waterborne acrylic resin
Appearance Cream white transparent paste
Scope of use It is suitable for the printing of woven cotton cloth, t / C cloth and so on. It can be mass produced by hand printing
Product advantage 1.Soft hand feel, good film formation;
2.Strong adhesion;
3.Anti freezing - 25 ℃ * 48 hours printing without cracking;
4.High tensile force;
5.Wash water at 60 ℃ for more than 3 times in 3 hours。
Technological process Printing - overheating (min. 120 ℃ * 2 minutes)
Storage method It can be stored for 6 months at - 5 ℃ - 40 ℃ in unopened package
Quality guarantee period Plastic plastic barrel, 25gk / barrel
Matters needing attention 1.If auxiliary agent needs to be added to special cloth, please conduct small sample test first, determine the dosage, and use it within the specified time;
2.The product is only used for industry, do not eat and eye。

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